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Sphere One’s lightweight Extendospheres® maintain low specific gravity without sacrificing strength. These low-density products allow the formulator to reduce their overall cost and   the density of their finished goods.

Extendospheres® are compatible with most resin systems and provide benefits such as:

  • Reduced product cost

  • Lower density

  • Improved material flow

  • Reduced shrinkage & warpage

  • Impact resistance

  • Improved sound and thermal insulation

Environmentally friendly

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Solid Ceramic Spheres - Solospheres

Sphere One Solospheres are semi-solid ceramic microspheres.  They are an excellent choice for applications requiring high strength, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.  Solospheres spherical morphology are shear thinning in liquid applications allowing formulator to reduce the VOC’s and increase filler loading.  Solospheres can easily disperse in a high intensity mixing or dispersion system in plastics.  Their unique nature makes them suitable for some applications such as; Corrosion and abrasion resistance, flame retardant, coatings, refractory castings and coatings, self-leveling cements, and many more applications.

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XOL Series Spheres

XOL products are white aluminosilicate multicellular hollow spheres.  They significantly reduce composite density. XOL products are surface modified for better dispersion, bonding and strength.  This product offers excellent economics compared to other additives.

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