We have a true passion
for lightweight solutions.

Sphere One is a Global Supplier of Cenospheres and Microspheres: Lightweight Spherical Composite Materials Used for Everyday Applications

Our goal is to always provide the highest quality cenosphere and microsphere products and services to our customers by establishing and reviewing quality objectives. To accomplish this, we utilize Continuous Quality Improvement techniques to understand customer needs and requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Our Products

Extendospheres: Hollow Ceramic Cenospheres


Our low density, high strength lightweight hollow ceramic cenospheres allow the formulator to reduce the weight and overall cost of their finished goods.

Solospheres: Solid Ceramic Microspheres


Our semi-solid ceramic microspheres are an excellent choice for applications requiring high strength, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.

XOL Spheres: Multicellular Hollow Microspheres Supplier

XOL Series Spheres

Our white aluminosilicate multicellular hollow spheres significantly reduce composite density and is surface modified for better dispersion, bonding, and strength.

What Makes Us Different


Technical Expertise

Sphere One is committed to providing the technical service to fit your specific requirements. Sphere One maintains a fully integrated on site laboratory for testing. Our technical experience and resources provide a “hands on” approach for our customers. Technical cooperation with our customers is essential for Sphere One’s continued success. Starting formulations are available on request.


Quality Driven

Sphere One has been ISO Certified since 2004 and received our ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2010. With more than 200+ years of combined experience with our staff in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Sphere One recognizes the value of its employees and how the experience factor pays off for not only the company but also for our customers. We are committed to the highest quality and safety standards.

Superior Service

We are offer professional service coupled with exceptional logistics. Our integrated customer service programs will provide you with the answers to minimize your working capital requirements. Our fully computerized systems provide a virtually paperless ordering process.



In addition to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we offer multiple distribution points across North America, including distribution sites on every coast, to meet your “just-in-time” needs. We customize our logistics program to fit our customer’s needs.

Reduce Your Overall Costs

Lightweight Material Supplier

Lightweight Materials

Sphere One’s lightweight Extendospheres™ are recognized as a “Green Product” and are the right choice for your lightweight material needs. Extendospheres™ maintain low specific gravity without sacrificing strength. These low density products allow the formulator to reduce their overall cost and lower the density of their finished goods. Extendospheres™ are compatible with most resin systems and provide benefits such as low density, improved material flow, reduced shrinkage and warpage, impact resistance, easier finishing while improving both sound and thermal insulation.

Ceramic Sphere Applications

Common Sphere Applications

A few examples of our product applications include lightweight cements, auto parts, underbody sealants, bowling balls, marine industry products, building materials, auto body fillers, cultured marble, paints, grinding wheels, friction compounds and refractories.

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