Hollow Ceramic Cenosphere Products


Sphere One’s Extendospheres® are low density, high strength hollow ceramic cenospheres. They can allow the formulator to reduce the weight and overall cost of their finished goods.

Extendospheres® are compatible with most resin systems and provide benefits such as:

  • Reduced product cost
  • Lower density
  • Improved material flow
  • Reduced shrinkage & warpage
  • Impact resistance
  • Improved sound and thermal insulation
  • Environmentally friendly

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Common Applications for Extendospheres®:

  • Anti-Skid Floor Coating

  • Asphaltic Sound Deadening

  • Asphalt Repair Compounds

  • Automotive Sealants

  • Block Filler Coating

  • Building and Roofing Tiles

  • Cast Figurines & Furniture

  • Cementitious Coating

  • Chemical Resistance Coating

  • Cultured Marble

  • Fairing Compounds

  • Fluxes and Hot Toppings

  • Friction Applications

  • Gaskets

  • Grinding Wheels

  • Impact Absorbers

  • Insulative Roof Coatings

  • Marine Putties

  • Naval Cements

  • Pipe Insulation

  • PVC Flooring

  • Refractories

  • Spackle

  • Textured Coatings


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